When should you take your iPad to a repair specialist?

Are you completely happy with the Apple products you have like your iPad? Apple products have the best satisfaction rating in the PC and tablet industry. However, your iPad may develop issues, which need sorting for it to function properly.

You don’t need to worry anymore because we have identified some iPad problems to make it easier for you when taking your device to an iPad repair specialist. By so doing,  you will be able to decide if you can fix your iPad at home or you need to take it to a specialist. Most of us cause more damage when repairing the iPad by ourselves because we don’t know it’s the underlying issue. So when do you need to take that iPad to a specialist? Let’s find out.

When You Need A Screen Replacement

The screen is the most sensitive part of any device that we use. Your iPad will not be able to display anything on a damaged screen. Therefore, it’s important to take care of our iPad screens especially if you work online or doing online classes. Sometimes, the screen of an iPad could just go off and stop working because of various reasons such as touching it with wet hands or just needs software updates. You can follow steps to fix the iPad but sometimes it’s difficult. Such cases require professionals to do it for you.  

Battery Replacement

Nothing is frustrating like an iPad with a battery problem. I know you might have left the house someday with a fully charged iPad but on your way to school or work, it somehow went off, making you want to crush it against the floor. You don’t have to do that cause that can be fixed.

We all encounter iPad battery issues from time to time. Sometimes it could be the charger with the problem, or your battery is likely to be spoilt. To make matters worse, today’s electronics feature in-built batteries, which when spoilt, are very difficult to fix. In this case, buying a new battery, and trying to fix it by yourself might not be advisable. When this happens, ensure to take your iPad to a specialist to have it checked or replaced.

Dirty or Spoilt Charging Pot

 This mostly happens when you share your charger or use other chargers to power your iPad which interferes with your iPad charging system or sometimes does not charge at all. When sharing, the charging port might get spoilt and refuse to charge, or sometimes you notice that your iPad charges so quickly then gets discharged as fast which can be very disappointing. The best option when this happens is to take your iPad to a specialist to have the port cleaned or replaced if necessary. Also, using the charger that you bought with the iPad could help avoid such problems.

Software Issues

Software issues are very common and are not a big deal when dealt with professionally. They could mess you up big time especially when you are not even ready to have the software issues but they show up anyway. It should not worry you because if you can’t fix it, there are people who can do the job for you.

When you realize that your iPad WiFi is not working or it will not connect to iTunes, the most likely problem is that your software might have a problem. You could download the latest software for the iPad, but it does not work all the time. When this happens it is good to take it to a specialist to check it for you.

When your iPad Doesn’t  Power On

Can you imagine attending an important meeting, and you’re at the front making a presentation, then your iPad goes off and doesn’t power on?  This could be embarrassing and the worst feeling. You should always make sure your iPad is working before you leave for work or school or a meeting to avoid disappointments or embarrassment.

There are so many things that may cause your iPad from turning on. The two most common are either the battery is dead or your device might be frozen. If the two are not the reason then it’s likely that your iPad will need a specialist to check on it.

Internal Storage issues

You are excited to find the most recent app for your iPad but can’t install it because there isn’t enough internal storage. Isn’t it annoying? Sometimes you even go through your settings to check and uninstall unused apps but still gives you the notification of “internal storage almost full.” If you are not sure about the problem you can let a specialist look at your iPad. You don’t have to look at each app to know the problem. If you have checked all areas, deleted almost everything, and it’s still not working, then you should know you need to take your iPad to a professional.


When looking at the aforementioned examples, you can tell that you cannot always fix your iPad by yourself. It is always good to trust the specialist with such problems because they are highly skilled. Trusting a professional is better than trying to fix it yourself and end up destroying it.

We believe this blog post has helped you to understand the kind of issues you can fix on your own and those that need professional help. You should not let small issues stress you when we have people who can fix them.