Laptop Repair

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Damaged workplace gadgets shouldn’t affect your productivity, you can rely on our tailormade laptop repair service to fix any laptops issues and restore business operations. We have a whole range of laptop repair services from software issues, cleaning up and doing OS reinstalls to brand independent laptop spares.

laptop screen replacement

Is your laptop LED/LCD display broken, laptop monitor gets dim automatically, lines on your laptop screen or its completely dark? Our team of able laptop repair engineers will diagnose and replace your laptop screen with original parts within the same day.

laptop hard disk replacement

Are you constantly bombarded by the blue screen of death or the dreaded no hard disk detected error? or is your prized laptop getting slower by the day? at Express repair, we fix or replace your broken and damaged laptop hard disks without losing your data. Whether you need an upgrade to higher capacity, we have original spares from major brands. And if you need an SSD installed, we’ll do that too. Get your laptop fixed in time for your deadlines.

Laptop power and charging issues

Laptop turned on but not booting? charging on and off, broken power jack, charging port destroyed? Our able team of laptop technicians is critical of all chip-level problems and hardware issues. We are experts in component level repairs that save you time and money spent on poor service.

Couldn’t find your service? There’s a lot more IPhone repair services we provide. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and repair-same day.

Laptop hinge repair/ replacement

Loose or broken hinge? wobbly screen? Free yourself from the repeated strain and stress of a broken laptop hinge and unwanted damage to your screen by getting Express repairs to fix it. Our team will fix uneven/cracking, snapping and dislocated hinges the right way and at the right price.

Laptop keyboard replacement

Is your keyboard in bad shape? not working or too slow to respond? Or maybe the keys are worn out and labels are missing. Our team of Express technicians will diagnose your laptop keyboard and advise on whether you’ll need a new laptop keyboard or a repair is due. We’ll also check on software issues. We have every spare in house so you are assured to leave with your device looking and performing better that it did.

Laptop speaker replacement

Scratchy laptop speakers? Mute laptop speakers even on full volume? Trouble with laptop internal speakers might signify a number of software or hardware issues. Our engineers will troubleshoot the problems and alter the volume settings, update speaker/sound drivers, replace your soundcards and ensure everything is working as expected.

Laptop body/panel replacement

Broken and cracked panels dull the shine of laptops. At Express, we have original panels and bodies in-house, perfect for restoring your device to its aesthetic appeal as desired. From back covers to bottom covers, we have parts suited to your custom laptop.

Laptop motherboard repair/replacement

A broken, faulty motherboard is a costly predicament. The signs are no activity, no beeps, no lights, no fans…nothing. Our chip and component level laptop repair service will professionally handle all motherboard issues from diagnosis and advice on how and why you need to replace the motherboard. We have motherboard in store so when a replacement is necessary, you’ll get a new one just like the first one.

Software errors and malware removal

Viruses and malware can quickly escalate to costly and irreversible conditions. From suspicious files and apps to erratic system behavior, our team diagnoses issues and gets rid of spyware and malware whether you intentionally or unintentionally installed it. Our team will safeguard your computer and prevent future attacks.

General diagnostics

Finding the exact source of your problem can often be a hard task. We have the technology and experience to professionally diagnose hardware and software issues, find the problem and propose solutions that present you with the best possible repair/replacement options. We guarantee a thorough and accurate diagnostic service you can rely on.