iPad Repair Services in Ocean Springs, MS

iPhones are the holy grail of smartphones, from their incredible design to delightful customer experience, having an iPhone is as good as it gets. But iPhones are phones and phones break. At Express iPhone repair service, we utilize state-of-the-art technology and high quality hardware parts to repair your broken iPhone screen to get your access to work, entertainment and social media up restored in no time.

We carry out free diagnostics to have a wholesome check before we begin repairing when possible. After finding the error source, our expert iPhone technicians fix only what needs to be fixed. We offer professional iPhone repair service for cracked iPhone screens, iPhone water damage, damaged iPhone charging port, iPhone speaker not working, broken iPhone buttons and no signal on your iPhone.

The consultation gives us a better idea of what happened and allows our technicians to repair your iPhone quickly and efficiently. Each of our iPhone repair technicians is a master of their craft and guarantee a fast, efficient and competitively priced iPhone repair service. Our clients can count on us to deliver exceptional iPhone screen repair. Same day repairs done right guarantee limited downtime to get your iPhone in top shape and working perfectly.

Couldn’t find your service? There are a lot more iPhone repair services we provide. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and repair-same day.

Broken/cracked iPhone screen repair

A broken iPhone screen makes using your once lustrous iPhone an exercise in agony. Whether by accident or someone clumsily dropping it, we at Express phone repair will reinstall a new, high quality iPhone screen. Instead of enduring the cracks, let Express fix it and fix it fast and properly.

iPhone battery replacement/repair

Whether its draining fast, charging unusually longer or simply destroyed, iPhone battery repair saves you the cost of having to buy a new phone when the damage gets out of hand. Instead of always having your charger around, we can fix all your iPhone battery drain issues fast and professionally.

iPhone speaker repair/replacement

If you experience no media sound, muffled speakers, can’t hear calls or cracking sound from your iPhone speaker, our team will work to fix your iPhone speaker by cleaning and removing lint, replacing your iPhone speaker and rechecking your audio settings.

iPhone water damage repair

While advertised as water resistant, water damage is inevitable whether as a result of accidents. This should not necessarily have you budgeting for a new iPhone. By coming to us within time, our technicians can be able to recover and salvage your iPhone.

iPhone charging port repair/replacement

Plugged in but not charging? Loose charging port or slower charging speed? Even after buying a new cable, the problem may persist. Express iPhone repairs will fix broken pins, clogged ports and damaged iPhone charging systems and charging ports within no time and affordably.

Broken/cracked iPhone frames

Cracked iPhone housing? Broken IPhone back panel or cracked frames? As they are made with glass backs and metal frames, most phones get cracked such that a cover or skin can’t fix. We have high quality IPhone back panels and will install them as good as new.