iPad Repair Repair Ocean Springs, MS

ipad repair ocean springs, MS

iPad Speaker Problem

Can’t hear calls, iPad headphone jack not working? Distorted or no sound? Our team checks for lint, dust and accumulated dirt on your speaker and if the speaker needs replacement, a new one is installed. Lastly, well set up your voice and audio settings according to your needs.

iPad Battery Issues

Is your iPad battery draining fast, taking forever to charge or visibly swelled? Our iPad battery repair service will diagnose the issue and confirm whether software or hardware issues are causing the problem. We have genuine iPad batteries in store and will replace them and get your tablet back up fast.

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iPad Broken/Cracked Screen Repair

A broken iPad touchscreen makes it hard to operate your device with the shards and reduced sensitivity. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, a smashed iPad screen can either mean a new tablet or professional iPad screen replacement. Our extensive experience and familiarity with iPad repair allow us to exceptionally reinstall and fix your cracked iPad screen within no time.

iPad Liquid Damage

It happens when least expected but isn’t the end of your phone-not if we can help it. Contacting us and scheduling iPad liquid spill repair as soon as the damage happens improves your chances or recovering your tablet. We fix water damage issues fast and within budget.

iPad Home Button Replacement & Repair

The home button is the core of all operations, from unlocking to navigation. If your iPad home button fails, is broken or is troublesome, Express iPad home button repair will help you repair or replace your iPad home button as fast as you need.

iPad Diagnostics

Are the forums and self-help pages not giving you the solutions you seek? we have the technology and experience to accurately and precisely diagnose the issue with your iPad and recommend the best solution. Our iPad technicians will offer a solution that meets your budget and performance needs.

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